Empowered Auditions offers the following services to students:

    > Free Consultation and Evaluation - This initial meeting allows parents and prospective students to discuss their training needs.  If a parent and student requests a no-cost  evaluation of current skills, brief commercial copy is read by the actor.  A course of training goals is then suggested, along with a discussion of how the student may expect to be worked with.  Should a tutoring/coaching relationship be desired, an agreement is signed by both Sandra Croft and the parent.  

    > Training in:   Beginning Acting Skills
                               Audition Monologue Performance
                               Audition Reads, With Sides
                               Commercial Performance 

     > Coaching for Specific Roles and Imminent Auditions

    > Personalized Agendas

    > Written Notes and Directives of Each Session Emailed Promptly

                             Empowered Auditions
                             Sandra Croft, Artistic Director
                             (732) 687-3681
                             (212) 462-3076


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